About her


A woman should be able to do two things: Being fabulous and stylish.
Nadezhda Filippova is not only a successful businesswoman, but also is the dazzling luxurious woman. In her both, the business acumen and soft sensual tenderness, a pragmatism and romanticism wonderfully are combined. Exquisite style, charisma, a powerful energy, plus boundless diligence and persistence — these are, perhaps, the fundamental components of success in Nadine’s life.
Creating her empire of luxury and beauty, Nadezhda spent much trouble on it, and innate adventurism and empyreal will to life helped her to make some kind of fashion revolution in Novosibirsk. She likes to say that the woman has to be fabulous and stylish. Having taken this motto and only the best Italian producers in the arsenal, the team of boutiques Flamingo and NADINE began to familiarize its clients with seasonal trends, to accustom them not only to the quality of products, but also to the ability to feel the subtle changes in the fashion industry.
Nadine woman herself is the symbol of the company, which is constantly being renewed, without abandoning her principles: this is the modern and successful woman with a romantic character.
Nadezhda Filippova is sure: “Wearing brand gorgeous furs is an equal pleasure as wearing diamonds, but furs are much more emotional.”